Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

Brand Identity + Website

Putting a world-class marine research and academic centre on the map.

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (BMSC) needed to re-energize the relationship it had with its five western university partners.

Lacking a communications strategy and consistent brand identity made it difficult for BMSC to showcase the facilities, location, research resources, and academic achievements.

BMSC wished to be seen as an extension to the five partner universities’ campuses. The challenge was BMSC’s remote location and lack of visibility to potential faculty and students.

The elevated brand made it easier for BMSC to attract new opportunities. Renewing the bond between BMSC and its partners.

Project Team

Mark Doherty, Creative Director
Kristin Dyer, Designer
Mike Dibblee, Designer
Jon Hawkes, Web Development

Select photos courtesy of the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre