British Columbia Schizophrenia Society

Youth Communication Video

Improving communication between young people and their loved ones with mental illness.

Communicating with family and friends living with schizophrenia can be difficult, especially for young people. The BC Schizophrenia Society (BCSS) provides support programs that give children and youth a clear understanding of mental illness and tips on how to express more compassion. 

Massif worked with the BCSS to produce an educational video for these in-person and virtual programs. Through relatable characters and scenarios, the viewers will see that they are not alone in experiencing these challenges. The result is a video that equips youth with a greater sense of security and empowerment when communicating with loved ones living with mental illness.

Project Team

Mike Dibblee, Producer
Mark Doherty, Creative Direction
Alex Fraser, Animation
Ben Shannon, Character Design/Illustration
Soren Begin, Sound Design/Mixing
Dacey Else, Voiceover
Maxwell Glick, Voiceover