University of British Columbia

Blue & Gold Campaign for Students

UBC students are each uniquely talented, but not all have the same opportunities. Massif Creative produced a series of videos to support the launch of the largest student campaign in UBC history.

UBC students are the next generation of leaders ready to create lasting and meaningful change and tackle the challenges that affect us all. To support their success, UBC launched the Blue & Gold Campaign for Students, with the goal of raising $100 million in student support over three years.

Massif Creative was tasked with producing a series of videos that would assist in launching the campaign as well as providing content that could be released over the three year timeline. Massif’s team of creative directors, copywriters, videographers, editors and motion graphic designers worked alongside UBC’s Development and Alumni Engagement department to produce a manifesto video that defines the passions and goals all UBC students. Working with students at both UBC campuses in Vancouver and the Okanagan, interview videos were also produced telling the stories of students in need, students from under-represented communities, and those who have received leadership-based awards.

As one part of many in the campaign produced by UBC’s Development and Alumni Engagement department, the video was awarded with a Silver in Video & Multimedia: Fundraising and Alumni Relations Videos at the 2019 CASE District VIII Communications Awards.

Project Team

Mark Doherty, Creative Director
Mike Dibblee, Production Director/Motion Graphics
Shannon Young, Copywriter
Clayton Goodfellow, Production Coordinator
Jordan Lee, Videographer/Editor
Amanda Palmer,Videographer/Editor
Jack Kao, Videographer
Elena Sarasom, Videographer/Production Assistant