Centre for Digital Media

CDM 10th Anniversary Awareness and Engagement Campaign

Celebrating a milestone and looking to the future.

When the Centre for Digital Media (CDM) approached its 10th anniversary, a celebration was in order. Working with this long-standing client, Massif was tasked with creating a campaign to kick off a year that celebrated the community, collaboration and transformation of this unique institution.

Built upon the brand system that Massif developed a decade earlier, the campaign highlights the alumni, faculty, and industry partners who made this experience a reality.

The requirements of the campaign were to develop a design system that would fulfill its initial purpose of celebrating the people and accomplishment of the institution, while having the ability to morph into a longer marketing campaign.

Rising to the challenge, Massif created a design system with an explosive pixel-influenced graphic system that evolved with the campaign, moving from celebration of CDM’s achievements to awareness and engagement with the next generation of industry influencers and students.

Project Team

Mark Doherty, Creative Director/Designer
Michael Dibblee, Production Designer