Elephant Island Orchard Wines

Brand Identity + Packaging

Massif Creative designed, developed and implemented the brand for this Naramata Brench winery and wide range of varietals.

Located on the Naramata Bench in British Columbia’s Okanagan wine country, Elephant Island Orchard Wines produces a range of playful and well-crafted wines of character. Massif Creative worked with Elephant Island to design, develop and implement the brand identity and packaging for this award-winning winery.

The brand is rooted in the playful history of this family-owned winery and the rich colours of fruit from the Okanagan Valley. Massif developed and applied the brand onto a system of labels for the winery’s wide range of varietals. From traditional vintages and sparkling whites, to full bodied dessert wines and fortified reds, the packaging reflects the elephant-sized flavours contained within these elegant bottles.

Project Team

Mark Doherty, Creative Director and Designer
Mike Dibblee, Designer