Great Northern Way Trust

Great Northern Way Campus

Transforming an industrial site into a west coast-inspired digital and creative hub.

Founded on industrial land entrusted to four academic institutions, Great Northern Way Campus is a vibrant digital district bridging downtown Vancouver with East Vancouver. Massif was engaged from the project’s inception to help shape the future of this major land development process.

With over a decade of involvement, Massif assisted in taking this project through every phase of the district’s development, from bare earth and initial public and stakeholder engagement through to district and institutional branding.

Working with the development corporation and academic directors, Massif was tasked to help shape the land development process as well create a district brand that would act as a foundation for the future academic, industry and creative collaboration.

Project Team

Mark Doherty, Creative Director/Designer
Kristin Dyer, Creative Director/Designer
Michael Dibblee, Production Designer