University of British Columbia

Future Global Leaders 2020 Campaign

UBC Future Global Leaders is a pre-university summer program for high school students. Massif Creative produced a series of videos capturing the student's unforgettable first experience of university life. 

Massif Creative had the pleasure of working with the UBC Extended Learning department in 2020 for the Future Global Leaders pre-university program. This campaign builds upon the content that Massif created for the 2019 campaign. This unique program offers high school students the opportunity to experience university life, study a subject of their passion, make friends from all over the world, all while exploring the campus of UBC and the city of Vancouver.

Project Team

Mark Doherty, Creative Director
Mike Dibblee, Production Director/Motion Graphics
Mark Yuen, Videographer
Rich Crooks, Audio Recording Technician
Jordan Lee, Editor
Amanda Palmer, Editor