University of British Columbia

Future Global Leaders 2019 Campaign

UBC Future Global Leaders is a pre-university summer program for high school students. Massif Creative produced a series of videos capturing the student's unforgettable first experience of university life. 

UBC Future Global Leaders is a program that allows high school students to experience a taste university life. Massif Creative was tasked with producing video content to promote the program ad share the experiences of students, faculty and parents. The result is a series of feature videos, interviews and social media content that captures all aspects of the daily lives of the students who attend this program.

The program itself is not only focused on academics, but also the personal and social opportunities that go along with a university experience. Massif spent a day in the life with the wide range of students capturing classroom programs, leadership workshops, social activities and other experiences as the students explored not only the UBC campus but also the amazing natural and urban environments of Vancouver.

Project Team

Mark Doherty, Creative Director
Mike Dibblee, Production Director/Motion Graphics
Clayton Goodfellow, Production Coordinator
Jordan Lee, Videographer/Editor
Amanda Palmer, Videographer/Editor
Mark Yuen, Videographer
Renee Sutton, Videographer/Production Assistant