Vancouver International Wine Festival

VanWineFest 2024

Canada's premier wine show, featuring tastings, pairings, dinners, lunches, and seminars.

The VanWineFest is known as a top wine event in North America, drawing in more than 18,000 attendees and presenting a wide array of wineries from various countries. In 2024, the spotlight was on wines from Italy, representing 13 different regions.

Massif created a playful design system inspired by mid-century aesthetics, featuring stylish illustrations in dynamic compositions. This visually engaging system was applied to all materials and touchpoints, from animated mobile ads to large festival booth displays.

Project Team

Mike Dibblee, Creative Director
Sarah Krzyzek, Designer
Mariah Phillips, Designer

Select photos courtesy of the Vancouver International Wine Festival. Photos by Christine McAvoy & Marjo Wright.